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The health, safety and welfare of each of our communities is a high priority for us. We, therefore, are closely monitoring the outbreak of coronavirus.

GEM has been supporting our local New York communities for years and we believe that during these times, our customers need us more than ever. Following the recent government directions, we will take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of everyone coming in and out of our stores.

We will remain open as usual while applying the government recommendation below until further notice.

– Limit volume of customers in store at a given time (max 1-4 customers per store at a time)

– An attempt to apply social distancing

– We will sanitize the store intermittently throughout the day

– Doors and door handles

– Counter surfaces

– Other store areas

– Provide sanitizer for customers

– All NEW* loans will be interest free for the first month, no limit per customer.

GEM will continue to monitor developments vigilantly and take all precautions possibly to ensure a clean and unforgettable experience.

Please make an appointment with us VIA our website to expedite the process, or walk in. We will remain open for as long as the government will allow and will only close when absolutely necessary. If and when the government should force us to close, rest assured you loans will be safe until we reopen.

For all questions please call or text: 917-399-2200 we will be available to answer any and all of your questions.

As always, our full team is here for you.

All the best,

The GEM Team and Kaminsky Family.


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