Pawn or Sell Your Designer Handbags

You’re sitting on a small goldmine: that collection of designer purses in your closet that you haven’t used for an eternity! Sell your used designer bags to GEM Pawnbrokers for quick, easy cash.

The following brands are hot-selling items:

  • Louis Vuitton purses
  • Chanel handbags
  • Hermes purses
  • Chloe Drew bags
  • Gucci purses
  • Fendi handbags
  • Dior bags

How to Pawn or Sell Used Designer Bags

Selling your used handbags is simple, at GEM Pawnbrokers. Before coming in, follow these three easy steps to expedite the process.

1: Empty the Handbag Completely

Remove all contents from the handbag, including any small items like receipts or candies that might be hiding in zippered pockets. People love discounted prices, but they want to feel like the item they’re buying is all their own—leaving any personal items behind could make your bag less desirable.

2: Clean the Handbag Thoroughly

Your used designer bag is much more likely to sell if it’s in great condition and looks clean. That said, be very careful about how you clean the exterior of your handbag, especially if it’s leather or suede. Using the wrong cleaning solution could ruin the bag. If the exterior is made of a waterproof material, wiping down the outside with a damp cloth may be enough.

Clean the inside of the bag thoroughly as well. Remove all crumbs, lint, bits of paper, or any other debris, and gently clean any dirt spots or makeup marks from the inner liner of the bag.

3: Locate the Certificate of Authenticity or Purchase Receipt

Whether it’s a Fendi handbag or Gucci purse, your bag should have come with some kind of certificate of authenticity. Be sure to bring in this certificate or card of authenticity with you. If you can’t find it, the original purchase receipt is the next best thing. Handbags without proof of authenticity or proof of purchase will take longer to appraise, delaying the process.

Once you’ve emptied and cleaned your handbag(s) and located the certificates of authenticity, come in and see us at GEM Pawnbrokers.

Here’s how our process works:

Our on-site appraiser will determine the value of your handbag and provide you with a “cash-now” price if you want to sell the item outright. Or, you can pawn the handbag (use it as collateral for a cash loan), in which case our experts will discuss loan terms and details with you—we strive to provide New Yorkers with the fairest loan terms in the city. Whether you decide to sell or pawn your designer handbags, you’ll walk away with cash in hand!

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Queens, Long Island residents—sell your designer handbags to GEM Pawnbrokers for cash today. Looking to buy designer handbags at discounted prices? Come see us, too!

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