Sell Your Gift Cards for CASH!

When Should I Sell My Gift Card in Long Island or NYC?

At GEM Pawnbrokers, we love to buy unused or partially used cards at any time of the year, but particularly when there are great sales events going on. We also love end-of-the-year deals. During the holidays, people flock to our New York pawn shops to find great deals on selling unwanted gift cards. If you have old cards lying around, we’d love to take them off your hands before the holiday rush.

Redeem your gift cards for CASH today! Visit a GEM Pawnbrokers shop near you.

Have Extra Gift Cards Lying Around? Sell Them at GEM Pawnbrokers!

If you’re like most people, you have little plastic cards piling up in your wallet and drawers. Why leave money on the table? Instead of letting those dollars go to waste, stop by any one of our New York pawn shops to redeem your gift cards for instant cash. Whether you have $100 at Target, $20 at Starbucks, or $50 at another retailer, we’ll purchase your cards for less than the remaining balance and let you walk away with a handful of money.

We Make It Easy

It’s easy to get great deals when you do business with the largest pawnbroker in the region. Follow these simple steps to get instant money for your unwanted plastic:

  • Find your nearest GEM Pawnbrokers store. With 24 stores scattered throughout the New York City area, we make it convenient to pawn off your extra or unwanted gift cards for cash.
  • Bring your card and ID. Want to speed up the process? Bring your ID and proof of value (a printout of the card’s value amount).
  • We’ll make an offer. Our friendly gift card buyers will set a price based on how much they can reasonably expect to sell the card for at a discount.
  • You walk away with CASH. Within a few minutes of walking in our door, you’ll leave with cash in your hand and another piece of plastic off your mind.

Where to Get Cash for Gift Cards in New York

Click on any of the areas below to see a map of our local pawn shops:

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