How Watches Are Appraised: Anatomy of a Watch and What Appraisers Will Look At

When you have a financial emergency or just need cash fast, the watch on your wrist could be used to obtain a pawn loan. Prior to getting your cash loan, there are several things an appraiser will look at to determine the value of your watch, including:

  • Brand Name
  • Overall Condition
  • Materials the Watch Is Made From
  • Features and Options on the Watch
  • The Popularity or Demand for the Watch

In addition, if your watch has a serial number and original papers, you will want to bring these along when you have your watch appraised. This will help the appraiser and provides proof that the watch is not a knock-off or a cheap imitation.

To learn more about how watches are appraised and valued for pawn loans, we encourage you to continue reading the following infographic.

After doing so, if you want to find out how much your watch is worth, please feel free to stop by your nearest GEM Pawnbroker location in NYC. We will also gladly appraise your gold, silver, and other jewelry pieces so you can get the cash you need today!

How a Watch Works Anatomy Infographic

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